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A divine movement of healing for the mind, body, & spirit

David and Maegen set the stage for the most profound life changing experience I’ve ever been through! The Belize retreat was beyond amazing. I was immersed in a beautiful new world full of fun adventures mixed in with intense healing. I felt a sense of overwhelming high vibrational happiness and the environment was very conducive for total relaxation. Hard to believe that could all be possible in the same trip. The awesome plant medicine ceremonies expanded my consciousness like never before, while being surrounded by nature in one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been. I can’t fully express my deep appreciation for the top notch resort services, amazing facilitators and support team, and the truly gifted healing shamans that touched our hearts with their love and dedication. It was the most loving and accepting environment I've ever been in and I know all of us who participated will be forever grateful.

Daniel Destephens
Healing Retreats


We use a divine formula that contains a combination of the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, and breathwork, to deeply heal and reprogram your subconscious mind to release all limiting beliefs. We use sacred plant medicines to help people release suppressed trauma at the deepest levels of their mind and spirit. We also help you clean your body of toxins, so it can come back to its natural state of self healing through organic fruits and fasting. Lastly, we have a divine formula that uses a combination of the sacred plant Psilocybin and breathwork to reprogram your subconscious mind to release all limiting beliefs, and replace them with empowerment, to allow you to claim all of your power back and finally manifest the life of your dreams. Helping you remember this sacred truth; You are the medicine.

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Elizabeth McClain
Elizabeth McClain
21:32 26 Oct 21
Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing experience. Words don’t do justice for the enlightenment and literal euphoric time during the ceremony Maegan, David and their amazing helpers have curated. If you’re ready to do the work to reach your highest self— this is the route to go. If I could participate in their ceremony everyday I would.
Bear Colston
Bear Colston
20:44 26 Oct 21
Maegical is does truly phenomenal and life changing work! The things I have learned from Maegan and David have had such a positive and profound impact on my life, as well as the lives of friends and family members who have worked with them. I highly recommend attending one of their events
Eli Espinoza
Eli Espinoza
20:35 26 Oct 21
David and Maegan are AMAZING! This experience was like no other. They provided a safe therapeutic space as well as amazing vibes. These guys really helped me to break free from the wall that was in front of me and can not thank them enough! Love u guys!
Mary Lang
Mary Lang
18:44 26 Oct 21
David and Maegan are angels in earth! Their commitment to helping people heal immense. The team they assembled was also so beautiful. My son and I experienced profound transformation after this retreat. Our lives are forever changed. And a big part of the experience is the delicious nutritious food prepared and served with so much love. I'm going home with wonderful recipes to continue nourishing my body and soul. Thank you Maegical!
Sydney Moon
Sydney Moon
18:35 26 Oct 21
Truly an amazing experience, everything down to the meals was set with such amazing intentions. So glad I overcame fear and decided to follow through and also blessed to have had my first experience of a retreat be with this group. All I could say by the end was thank you over and over. So filled ❤️
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