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Story of Maegical/ Why Maegical Is Special

Maegical is a divinely inspired company, as husband and wife founders Maegen Staab and David Joseph have personally experienced and learned to heal many of the world’s most pressing issues.

Maegen was severely sexually, emotionally, and physically abused from the age of 8 all the way up to her early 30s.  The majority of this abuse was deeply suppressed, which in turn caused intense levels of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and rage.  As her life progressed and the energy of the experience was not digested or dealt with, chronic sickness developed in her body, particularly in her mid to late 30s. Ehlers Danelos, Rheumatoid Arthritis, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Sjögren’s syndrome, hypoglycemia, Loose Ligaments, severe insomnia, severe inflammation, severe lifelong parasitic infections, and severe PTSD and along with lifelong chronic nailbiting were among the autoimmune illnesses Maegen was diagnosed with.

She went on searching for healing for over 30 years, spending hundreds of thousands on Western Doctors that did absolutely nothing for her, time and time again.  Also, when she was 15, she was required to receive a round of vaccines as her family was moving to Japan, and it was government-mandated.  She had a reaction right after the vaccine that looked like a 12-inch squiggly worm that went up to her arm.  She broke out in rashes.  The doctor’s dismissed it, and much of her chronic illness was deeply enhanced after that.  

She got a job in medical sales while suffering from these ailments. She struggled a lot at first, but then she met Ricardo, a mentor of hers who is also a Psychic Medium. He educated her on the Law of Attraction and the importance of affirmations. She instantly put her newfound knowledge to good use.

She went from the worst medical sales rep to the top 10 in the entire country out of over 2,000 reps at a company called Lighthouse 360, making nearly 200k per year.  

Once she realized the power of her mind and her finances were secured, she began using what she learned and writing about meeting her soulmate. 

She met David while she was making medical sales.  David was also an incredibly talented salesperson and had been his entire life. He was assisting in running a national medical sales team when they met.

As successful as he appeared on the surface, he was suffering from binge drinking and hidden pain from his parent’s divorce when he was a child. David attempted everything “the system,” told him to do to recover from his addiction, including AA and outpatient rehab, but neither worked. (In fact, he thought they made him worse.)

They were friends for a few years, then on a random evening, they tripped on LSD together, and everything changed.  Within that trip, their souls reconnected and recognized each other, and they realized they were Twin Flames, had been together many lifetimes, and something much deeper was at hand.

Within one week, they were dating, within three months, they were engaged, and within six months, they were married (going on 5+ years strong now!). 

During this time, the love David felt for Maegen was the first time he ever found something that was more important to him than his addictions.  Maegen taught him about the Law of Attraction, taught him about meditation, and taught him how to reprogram his subconscious mind with affirmations.  David also began experimenting with psilocybin mushrooms and LSD more intentionally, using them with the intention to heal and reprogram his mind and become a more aware, conscious being.

Using what Maegen taught him and the power of psychedelics, including LSD, David was able to heal his addiction and simply quit drinking. While this was a lovely portion of the story, it also triggered another significant trauma in David’s life, as his father and his father’s entire side of the family quickly turned against him, believing psychedelics to be substances similar to Heroin or Crack. Despite David being at the happiest, healthiest place in his life, mentally, financially, and most importantly spiritually, they expelled him from their lives, refused to talk to him, spoke negatively about him to the rest of his family, and refused to attend his wedding.

Despite the situation with David’s family, It was then his turn to be strong for Maegen upon the depth of her healing journey, as her ailments were getting worse and worse.

Maegen’s daily activities included severe food intolerances, her stomach blowing up from eating any random food. Her joints would dislocate in her sleep; she would wake up with ribs dislocated. She couldn’t get any sleep for more than 1-2 hours, and she couldn’t even do yoga.  Her neck and back pain was nearly unbearable.  

David and Maegen prayed and prayed for answers to Maegen’s healing, and they began doing affirmations geared towards finding her healing and perfect health.  They then immediately stumbled upon The Medical Medium and the powerful plant medicine Ayahuasca.  While there was an extreme amount of fear around this Ayahuasca medicine, however, Maegen was at the end of her rope; she truly felt like she was on her deathbed.

They didn’t have the money for the entire ceremony at the time, but they believed Maegen’s healing was more important, so they put the entire thing on a credit card, taking a significant risk but trusting that they were divinely guided.

Maegen’s ayahuasca experience was the most profound, healing experience of her life.  (Check Blog Post #1 for details).  She had an intense exorcism and released decades of trauma.  She came out of those ceremonies a much lighter, more healed version of herself.

David’s experience was quite different- he spoke with Mother Ayahuasca, who told him to go and start Maegical.  She told him it would be a divine movement that would be protected and was to be a massive catalyst to heal the entire world.

While Maegen’s healing was wonderful, it was now Maegen’s turn to face the consequences of her family’s societal indoctrination. Despite the remarkable and visible recovery, Maegen experienced, her family was heavily trained Catholics who believed she was being “tricked by the devil.” They also began to speak brutally about her to others and shut her out of their lives. If they did interact with her, it was in a harsh and unforgiving manner.

Eventually, it was in Maegen and David’s best interest to go their own way and energetically leave both of their families, as the programming and conditioning of The Matrix had affected their families so deeply, any interaction became severely toxic.  

However, both of their mothers stood by their side, loving them unconditionally and being excited for the healing taking place.

They left the retreat and launched Maegical, which quickly became successful. They formed an online community centered on Maegen’s narrative, and it quickly grew. In just the first season, they created a podcast and were able to secure a few guest stars. They then set out to fulfill their divine mission as Healers in this New Earth.

Maegen’s healing journey wasn’t over, as you heal in layers.  Over the course of the next four years, God connected Maegen with a divine team of healers, including two anointed shamans.  Maegen and David truly feel that these shamans are some of the most powerful and anointed on this earth.  Danilo- the Master Shaman, has been training for over 20 years in the Amazon and was told by his Master Shaman he was to assist the 2nd coming of Christ.  And he works with Christ energy in his ceremonies.

Maegen continued to have deeper and deeper healing experiences with Danilo and Mery’s Ayahuasca ceremonies, and as she healed, more and more her, spiritual gifts began to blossom.  She was even able to witness and assist her Mother’s intense healing experience in the Ayahuasca ceremonies, healing even more of her lineage.  

As this happened, she healed from every clinical diagnosis she had ever received.  Every auto-immune disease was gone; she was symptom-free and able to love and live life again.  And now, she was using what she learned to heal herself, to heal others.

Maegen’s intuition honed to a divine level, and she began leading profound mushroom healing ceremonies in the Austin, TX, area. The word spread swiftly as people witnessed the sheer divinity of Maegen’s skills to work with Psilocybin, as well as the depth of healing provided by Maegen’s Mushroom Healing ceremonies. Every month, people began coming in from all across the country to participate in Maegical’s healing ceremonies. The focus of this mushroom ceremony is on using the medicine and a specific type of breathwork that Maegen leads to assist in not just healing but also reprogramming the participants’ subconscious minds.

Additionally, Maegen was given divine downloads about the power of fasting and fruits.  They began experimenting with juice fasts and were shocked at the healing results.  They knew this had to be a big part of Maegical.  Shortly after that, they both became fruitarian- and that has foundationally made a massive impact on their mental health, wellness, and effectiveness in running their company each day. 

Then, one night David had a dream.  This dream told David that there was a divine formula that they would come across.  

During this time, Maegen experimented with various healing procedures and medicines on herself. She then understood that there was a certain order in which to take these medicines in order to have the best benefits. And it was so powerful that Maegical felt they had to share it with the rest of the globe by conducting international retreats.

You see- there is nothing like an experience with Danilo and Mery in the way they facilitate their Ayahuasca ceremonies.  The depth of healing and releasing of trauma that happens within those containers can’t be put into words.  However, that does nothing to reprogram the subconscious mind of the individual. And the subconscious mind is what co-creates the reality the human experiences.

Maegen leads her Psilocybin healing & reprogramming ceremony for the participants following the Ayahuasca experience. As a result, the souls who attended these retreats not only experienced energetic purification and trauma release but also had their minds reconditioned.

This “Divine Formula” is the same one David saw in his dream years ago. This was/is the recipe that will aid in the world’s healing, one mind, and soul at a time. Mery and Danilo’s Christ-Centered Ayahuasca Ceremony, followed by Maegens Mushroom Healing & Reprogramming Ceremony, is unlike anything else in the world.

This is the exact formula Maegical is taking all around the world in 2022, to Greece, Ecuador, Belize, El Salvador, and Mexico, for 12 souls in each of those experiences.

*David has since begun training with this anointed Shaman Danilo, as the plant medicine Ayahuasca deeply called to David, and both Shamans felt David was meant to work with the medicine as well.  David has since worked with them in many ceremonies, and Danilo anointed David as a Shaman in their last international retreat in Belize. And since then, David and Maegen have traveled to the Amazon jungle and trained with 3 lineages of Master Shamans going deep with the Holy Medicine Ayahuasca.

They were then initiated to begin serving the medicine to the world.

The Maegical Story coming to a Bookstore near you!