All products are made fresh to order.
All food products are freshly made and perishable, please consume or refrigerate in the first 3 days or freeze for up to 3 days.
All our foods are free of chemicals, preservatives, refined sugars, cooking oil, dairy, and soy.

Maegical World

Maegical is a very special, divinely guided movement of unconditional love, nonjudgement, and guiding each soul to find the deepest level of healing within themselves.
Our community has quickly grown to over 100k people around the world, and it grows more each day as people find themselves deeply resonating with Maegical’s messages behind the healing power of plant medicines and the true power we have within ourselves.
Maegical World is a small, tightly knit community within Maegical that allows each person to have a more direct line with the founders David & Maegen.
Not only will you get 10% off of any plant medicine healing retreats, domestic or international, but you will also get to join in on a private monthly ZOOM call with both David & Maegen on the 15th of every month, at exactly 3:33 pm central.
This will be a POWERFUL meeting that will leave you feeling empowered, divinely connected, and with a ton of tools to take with you into your life!
You will also get access to a private Whatsapp group, which will be the FIRST to know of any upcoming Maegical events or movements!
You get all this exclusive access for only $55 per month!
Click below to join our sacred community, spots are limited!