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Meet the Team


Member of the Oklevueha Native American Church  


Can legally possess Peyote, Cannibus, San Pedro, Psilocybin, and Ayahuasca


CEO, Mushroom Shaman

Maegen is a talented intuitive spiritual life coach who genuinely wants to help others reach success and fulfillment in all areas of their lives whether that be in career, finances, finding that special person, healing and becoming the best version of themselves.

Maegen endured a lot of severe trauma starting at a young age in childhood and carrying into early adulthood. She overcame the trauma, healed herself and became very successful in all areas of her life by learning and applying the law of attraction and by reprogramming her subconscious mind through affirmations, writing and meditation. She healed herself of anxiety, severe PTSD, inflammation in the body, dry eyes, Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. With the divine formula she created- she was able to heal herself on some of the deepest levels. She tried every diet imaginable and learned how food is either toxic to our bodies or is truly one of the best healing medicines out there!

Maegen is also a huge advocate of plant medicine as it has proven to be an amazing healing tool and quite life changing. Maegen knows what works because she experienced it and she is now helping others to do the same. The special combination of Maegical’s specific Ayahuasca shamans, and the Mushroom healing & reprogramming ceremony has been unmatched in the depth of healing it has enacted for her, and for so many in the Maegical community.

She believes that God does indeed give us the desires of our heart but does so through the power of our mind! She stresses the importance of how FEELING GOOD is crucial to manifesting the life you so desperately want and deserve! It’s your birthright! She helps to break down all of the lifelong conditioning and helps you find your true self and purpose! She teaches how to become tuned in and how to make this life quite Maegical.


Member of the Oklevueha Native American Church  


Can legally possess Peyote, Cannibus, San Pedro, Psilocybin, and Ayahuasca


President, Ayahuasca Shaman

David is a serial entrepreneur, master connector, and Spiritual Life Coach who has a divine purpose of developing and empowering others.  He has founded both Maegical and Defend Your Home LLC, which is an ADT Dealer that he built into a multi-million dollar organization within just 2 years of operating.

David has a divine gift of connecting with and inspiring others.  You will find him making videos daily with empowering messages for the collective that the Holy Spirit places upon his heart.

On the personal side David overcame binge drinking and alcoholism in his early 20s, which led him to his discovery of the power of meditation, affirmations, and plant medicine.  As he was going through his awakening and stepping into his power- he was then completely abandoned by his entire family because of his open views on the healing power of plant medicines and psychedelics.

This led to another empowering chapter of growth, as David continued to speak his truth, and the Maegical community grew from a few hundred people to over 100k+ and counting to this day.

David found his most recent true calling this last year, as he met his Master Teachers and Ayahuasca Shamans, Danilo Jimenez and Mery Rodriguez.  He had a deep resonance with Ayahuasca.  He saw the divine healing that occurred within his wife & twin flame, and then the medicine began speaking to him to begin working with it.

David is now training under the Master Shaman Danilo Jimenez, with upcoming plans to go to the jungle for an extended period of time to go deeper with his relationship with Ayahuasca.

David’s life mission is to help heal the world, one mindset and soul at a time, while assisting in the divine co-creation of the New Earth.


VP of Logistics, Yoga, Sound Healing

Ana is an incredibly intuitive and passionate Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher. She connected with Maegical at one of their recent 5 day local retreats, and almost instantly she was part of the team.

She has been practicing Yoga since 2014, and she finished her 300 hours YTT in June 2020. She also accomplished my Thetahealing Therapist certification in October 2020 and a Bhakti Yoga – Chanting: Yoga for the Heart certification in December 2020. She continues to take Sound Healing Classes, diving deeper into sacred plants/fruits ceremonies and different self awareness modalities and healing therapies.

She believes in sharing light and love with all the people of the world- as that is what makes her happy! She is a gifted light on this Maegical team, an experience with her is truly unforgettable!

Amber Bonura

Executive Assistant

Amber is a new member of the Maegical Team, but she has followed Maegical from the beginning. She has always felt a deep passion and need to help people, which led her to a successful career in customer service and management. Amber found deep, profound healing through the Maegical process and is now very passionate about helping others find the same freedom.

Fabian Jimenez

Musician Shaman

Born in Zipaquirá in 1994, he studied music since the age of six at the Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Colombia Foundation. He started playing the violin two years later and continued studying there until 2010, when he graduated as an Intermediate Violin Performer and played as a soloist.

He is a Bachelor in Music with concentration in Violin Performance and Sound Engineering from the Pontifical Xaverian University. He has attended numerous international festivals and was a member of the Colombian Youth Philharmonic for four years. During this time he played in many cities in Colombia, United States, Central America and Europe. He was Concertmaster of the Xaverian Symphonic Orchestra.

He has played for numerous notorious teachers and has won Audiovisual Competitions. He plays latin music with “Ensamble Latino Colombia” and has recorded many original songs with them. He has produced, recorded, mixed and mastered several medicine songs with his brother, as well as produced and edited videos for each one of them.

He started his path with plant medicines recently and continues exploring and learning from it. He has helped facilitate many plant ceremonies since then, under the guidance of Danilo and Mery.

Jose David Villamizar

Shaman Musician,
Cacao Ceremonies

Jose David, born in Venezuela, is a heart-felt shaman and medicine musician. He met David and Meagen during an Ayahuasca ceremony and immediately became a part of the Maegical team. He has studied the shamanic path since 2015 and has the good luck of having many great teachers ever developing his own unique perspective and formula. Letting God and his passion to help others guide the way, his goal is to create a safe and sacred space for healing and infinite growth. 

Jose David is also a wide-ranging multi-instrumentalist and an expert handpan player. He frequently holds Sound Meditations and heart opening Cacao ceremonies. He holds a RYT 200 from The Yoga Institute, and a B.A. in Media Arts from The University of Texas at Dallas.


Musician, Sound Healer

Tarek Weber is an incredible gifted musician. Maegical was following him for almost an entire year before reaching out to ask him to be our musician at an Austin based healing retreat. His performance, ability to flow, and overall vibration within our team and for the attendees was simply divine.

He facilitates beautifully healing sound baths, which every soul was deeply touched by. He is a master of his craft, playing a multitude of instruments including the Handpan and Didjeridoo.

He currently jumps between Hawaii and Utah, while coming on board to travel around the globe with Maegical on our divine mission of healing the world! Experiencing Tarek and his musical intuitive gifts will truly be a special experience.


Chef, Yoga, Meditation

Raelynn is a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor. She is trained to teach Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, Rocket Yoga (progressive ashtanga) & mat Pilates Levels I, II and III. In addition, she has training in Yoga Assisting and Adjusting, and Yoga Massage. She holds both a masters and PhD (Biology and Zoology) and has taught in academia for over 12 years. Before purchasing Willow Gardens Yoga Studio, she left her full time academic position to pursue her yoga and nutrition career, to explore her entrepreneurial spirit and start a juice company (Willow Gardens Juicery). She is a lecturer at Texas State University in San Marcos, does yoga therapy with memory care patients and teens, and is a holistic health consultant.

As a former athlete, her practice centers on power, alignment, and the mind-body connection. She began practicing yoga seriously nearly 12 years ago as she transitioned from running and weight training. She has had a serious yoga practicer since, and loves all forms of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. She received her 200 hour training from Black Swan Yoga, her Ashtanga training from David Swenson through Yoga Yoga, her Hot Yoga training from Ashley Chandler, and her Pilates training from the Pilates Sports Center out of California [with Pilates South Austin].

A native of Eastern Kentucky, and resident of Buda, she integrates yoga into her life and into her college classroom as much as possible. Her motto is to live life to its fullest, while trying to maintain balance and overall health (through diet, exercise and meditation). She believes that yoga should be accessible to everyone and every body, and works within the community through various avenues to make this possible.

AJ Kublie

Greetings beautiful people! My name is AJ,I am an avid backpacker, kayaker, improvisation dancer, tree climber, and seeker of human connection. My yoga journey began during a nasty bout of depression after experiencing a physical and mental trauma, I was living in a cycle of darkness and suicidal thoughts. I had heard from a dance teacher that meditation could form new neural pathways, so I began streaming YouTube meditations in my bedroom. After a few intense, strange months of consistently meditating, I was in absolute awe of the healing power of meditation and began to steadily change and grow in ways I had never conceived possible, delving inward and unearthing my own boundless reservoir of strength, compassion and peace. Eventually, I was able to quell my anxiety enough to attend yoga classes and would quietly roll my mat out in the back corner of the room, unsure yet open minded. With each class I found myself falling more and more in love with the seamless integration of movement and meditation and how my practice began to irrevocably affect my life. Yoga quickly became my safe haven and therapy, a place where I could explore myself whilst being in a loving and safe environment. I felt freer than ever and I was hooked. After four years of committing to my mental health and my practice both in studio and at home, I decided to sign up for yoga teacher training because I felt I was at a point where I was ready to share my testimony and love for yoga, hoping to pass on some of the peace I have found. Since completing my deeply empowering 200 and then 300 hours trainings, I have had the honor of leading yoga classes and workshops around the world, utilizing the knowledge and experiences I hold so dear to me. Each opportunity to connect and share the beauty of the mind/body connection is singular and profound, I have found that my life passion is to create a space for people to be able to come and heal themselves; to encourage them to be radically free and break down the barriers between us put up by society, fear or otherwise. My approach to teaching is one of enthusiasm, curiosity, and encouragement, I believe each class is an opportunity to cultivate inner tranquility and self love which carries through long after we’ve left the mat, allowing yoga to become a life practice and one that you feel proud to own and explore for yourself. I feel incredibly honored to be a part of a company that recognizes, appreciates and uplifts each human on their own journey, I’m excited to breathe, flow, meditate, sweat, laugh, cry, grow and transform in practice with you. Peace and love.


Assistant Mushroom Shaman

Lucy is a very special intuitive healer. She is also a ceritified service and emotional support animal! She has been with Maegical since the beginning and has attended as well as assisted in every Mushroom Healing Ceremony that Maegical has facilitated. You will find her in ceremony working the room and creating sacred healing space for those that are in need moment to moment. 
At home she is cute but her alter ego Lucilla tends to come out quite often, who is incredibly sassy and opinionated. She is our most special divine feminine little soul, and she can’t wait to meet YOU!
At home she is cute but her alter ego Lucilla tends to come out quite often, who is incredibly sassy and opinionated, **but when she’s in ceremony she knows it is time to work !**