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Path of Mastery Mentorship

David & Maegen will lead you through a deep internal transformation, talking in depth about 6 areas that have been the most important for deep levels of success and fulfillment in his life. 

Daily Habits and rituals to integrate and begin for the entire 6 weeks, all focused around empowering and reprogramming the subconscious mind (which runs 95% of your day!). These will be clearly outlined and we will work together in an accountability group to help in making these powerful routines part of your everyday life!

Healing on the deepest levels, deep into the 3 most important pillars of healing all aspects of suppressed trauma and a disempowered mindset. We will cover all the different types of plant medicines & psychedelics, and the interactions of each on the mind body & spirit. We will go over proven techniques of deep levels of healing.

Manifesting the life of your dreams, the reality is you have always had the power and ability within you to manifest your hearts desires. We get in our own way creating energetic blocks with doubt, resentment, and focusing on fears of what we don’t want to happen! We will work through removing your energetic blocks, and refocus your mind and spirit around the exact methods to manifest what you DO want, and stop manifesting what you DONT want!

Navigating the Masculine Femininen Energetic Dynamic, We all have masculine and feminine energies within us, and learning how to work with these energies will drastically improve our social relationships, especially when it comes to romantic partnerships or potential romantic partnerships. We will work through learning how to see our triggers as teachers, and healing core mother & father wounds that restrict us in our social relationships. Once this awareness comes to fruition- the quality of your relationships will greatly increase.

Conscious Entrepreneurship, I am a firm believer that the New Earth will be largely created by heart-led conscious entrepreneurs. I have had the blessing of the experience of creating 2 highly successful profitable businesses that have assisted in creating a life of freedom, abundance and most of all impact. I want to share my experience, my lessons, and my advice to save you years on your entrepreneurial journey. I have also learned how to build a very effective online community, as Maegical spans to almost 100k people around the world, and I have built it from scratch. I will go over how to build an organic community online, how to leverage social media and make sure you control it, not it controlling you, and helping you in getting your conscious business going no matter where you are in the process.

By the end of the 6 weeks, not only will you have a complete mindset transformation, but you will have many powerful tools to carry with you for the rest of your life. This will help to consistently empower you as well as empower all the souls you were created to impact.

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Price: $3,500

Tickets and/ or deposits are nonrefundable.

*payment plans available with 50% deposit