All products are made fresh to order.
All food products are freshly made and perishable, please consume or refrigerate in the first 3 days or freeze for up to 3 days.
All our foods are free of chemicals, preservatives, refined sugars, cooking oil, dairy, and soy.




  • 1 hour $555
    you will also receive an Angel card reading from Maegen

Social media consulting

  • 1 hr $555

(David has built a national following of nearly 100k followers, went from 0-20k followers on TikTok in less than 2 months, all from organic formula based content)

David & Maegen also are open to Public speaking opportunities, reach out directly at to inquire.


Maeditate & Affirmate

  • $3000Maegen will meet with you to find our all of your traumas, fears doubts worried, vices & flips the script on all of them.

    Maegen will also find out what your wildest dreams are.

    She will then create a custom meditation ranging from 45 – 60 min, which will deeply reprogram the subconscious mind, which controls 95% of your reality.

    Listening to this every night before you go to sleep for 90 days, your entire reality will begin to shift right before your eyes!